Postnatal Like A Boss!

Now that the main event has arrived, let’s make sure we are helping to brighten the leading light in newbies life.
Mom has worked awfully hard the past 9/10 months and needs to continue to be on point now more than ever.
Athletes are not expected to up their game after an injury. However, Mom’s roles are cranked to the max once baby
arrives in the outside world. Mom doesn’t get to recover from childbirth on the sidelines. Getting her body into
recovery mode safely and quickly is paramount to getting her back in the game. Let’s make it a priority to nourish our
Mother’s for the momentous job that lies ahead.

I would like to stress how individual everyone’s healing journey is. There is no cookie cutter way to heal from
pregnancy, but there are certainly some helpful universal tips that can get you moving in the right direction. I would
like to outline a few of these guiding principles, as well as point out some red flags to be on the lookout for that may
suggest seeking further assessment. Let this be a gentle guide to safely move you along in your recovery.

Things to consider immediately postpartum:

6-12 week considerations (timeframe can certainly be longer than 12 weeks depending on the individual):

12 weeks plus (it’s never too late to recover from pregnancy and delivery, even year’s/decades down the road)

It is a common fear that Mom is going to be told she can NEVER do (fill in the blank) ever again. Let me reassure
you, I am not here to tell you what you can or cannot do. My intention is to give you the education and awareness to
make healthy informed decisions for yourself with confidence. My goals are Mom’s goals and I will always support
her in achieving them responsibly. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for that may suggest seeking further
assessment from a licensed professional such as OB/GYN, Midwife, PCP/GP, and/or Pelvic Rehab Therapist
(Occupational Therapist/ Physical Therapist).

Red flags:

Know you are not alone and the struggle is real! However, you do not have to be a pioneer through it all. Our
previous Mothers did that for us. Now we have a wealth of knowledge and support systems available to set our
healing Mom’s up for success! Reach out for a hand, communicate often, and maybe be okay with a few missteps
along the way.

The hope is for this information to become common knowledge the more we talk about these taboo topics and spread
awareness. All other surgeries recommend rehabilitation for a more optimal recovery. The research supports pre and
post surgical rehabilitation for increased success rates. Give Mom Pelvic Rehab and give her the power to heal that
she deserves. No matter if you are days, months, or years postpartum; this information can transform your life and
allow you to be present for you and your family!

Caring for caregivers, and nourishing our Mom’s!

Laura Rowan, OT/L
Pelvic Rehab Specialist Essential
Pelvic Health

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