Dress comfortably and plan to first sit and meet with me so we can get to know each other. I will conduct an extensive interview to find out anything and everything I can from your history that may be a contributing factor to your current symptoms that brought you to me. We will talk about how your body works, how the different systems affect each other, and how rehab can help. I will perform comprehensive assessments of the musculoskeletal system, posture and breathing techniques, and body mechanics during movement. I will thoroughly explain what the functions of the pelvic floor are and what an internal pelvic floor assessment looks like so you can decide if that is right for you.

I do not process health insurance directly, but I do provide a “superbill” which you can submit for direct reimbursement of services paid through your “Out-of-network” plan. It is important to know the reasons I choose to not process health insurance directly. I prefer to work for my client rather than the health insurance company. In the past when working under health insurance restrictions, I had to limit my treatment time to 30 minutes which means more visits for much longer. Not many people have the time or patience for that model (I know I don’t when I am seeking relief).
I was also spending so much time trying to justify the work to an insurance reviewer who has a goal for saving their company some money on a service you pay good money into.
I would rather spend that time on healing! With this model, my clients receive 1) a
more comprehensive treatment session, 2) with higher success rates, 3) in a much shorter amount of time.

Telehealth is a therapeutic interaction via audio/video communication. So much of the work I do is to educate people on their bodies, make proper assessments of how they are moving and breathing, and teaching more optimal strategies. I can find out so much information from the interview process, and observation. With that information, I can start to educate, develop more optimal movement strategies, and establish home programs. This can all be successfully done remotely with the advanced and secure technology we have available as clinicians. Such imperative adaptations to navigate these uncharted times in order to continue the healing journey and be empowered to manage stress responses effectively!

There are many variables to each individual case. I expect positive changes after the first session and can better assess what can be expected after that initial visit. Since I am able to spend more time with clients and I focus on implementing home programs as soon as possible, I find the amount of treatment sessions have lessened by 75% from when working in the outpatient clinics under health insurance restrictions.

I do not like to treat pain with pain! My goal is to calm the autonomic and central nervous system, not amp it up. ! A colleague of mine refers to our manual work as “having a conversation with the brain”. The brain often will respond to more aggressive techniques by tensing up more. It’s the body’s protective response. My goal is to create a safe space for the body and mind to let go of unwanted tension. We will work at a pace that is right for your body to feel safe and comfortable to accept the positive changes. Please check out these links for further brain pain neuroscience:

It’s never too late! This work is effective and life changing, no matter what point in your life you have discovered pelvic rehab!

Internal manual work is accessing the muscles, connective tissue, circulatory/nervous system, and pelvic organs from inside the pelvic bowl. This work has been referred to as “orthopedic rehab in a cave”. This gives us a great advantage to be able to address the body from all angles. However, this can be overwhelming or triggering for some folks and that is ok. If you are not comfortable with internal manual work, I have plenty of other tools in my tool box! We will find the right approach for your body to make the positive changes needed in your life.

Nope, all humans have a pelvic floor and they are equally important! I have specialized training in working with all gender diversities. Please refer to my Continuing Education Certification list for more details.


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Bladder & Bowel

Incontinence, urgency, frequency, overactive bladder, constipation.

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Low back, SI joint, hip, abdominal, pelvic, genital.



Prenatal and postnatal.

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Athletic/Fitness & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Core retraining, optimal posture and breathing strategies, intra-abdominal pressure management.

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Sexual Health

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation.

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Surgical & Other considerations

Hysterectomy, Prolapse repair, Prostatectomy, TURP, Gender Affirmation Surgery, Menopause, Infertility, Trauma.

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