Initial Evaluation (75-90 minutes)

This is where a client centered treatment plan is developed. An in depth interview process will be performed first to build a safe connection between the therapist and client. Here is where the detective work begins to investigate all potential causes for your symptoms. I will then perform comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments, pelvic floor assessments, and alignment/posture/breathing assessments to identify appropriate treatment approaches to guide you in your healing journey. This is where education and mindfulness begins!

Treatment Sessions (60 minutes)

This time is available for mind and body development which may include:

Telehealth Sessions

This is a virtual offering of the initial evaluation and treatment sessions explained above. So much information can be obtained and shared through secured online video sessions. I can see how you move and breath, and ask the vital questions to acquire a detailed history. I can verbally and visually guide you through assessments, education, and program development from the comfort and security of your own home. A lot of the big “game changer” impacts of this work begin with understanding your body and how to get it to work in your favor.


Mentoring services available for the following

  • Professional Clinical – Starting off in pelvic health is scary no matter how many courses you have completed. A strong support network is imperative for successful treatment planning and outcomes.
  • Professional Development – I am by no means a professional business coach! However, I have worked through finding my way as an OT in the pelvic health field (no easy feat), and have successfully built a cash-based private practice.
  • Wellness Coaching – Maybe you are not ready to dive right into pelvic rehab and would prefer some general guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

Professional Education

With COVID-19 delaying large in-person continuing education courses, Essential Pelvic Health is now offering this exciting new hands-on training with Laura Rowan, OT/L Pelvic Rehab Specialist. This course is designed to build confidence and skill with pelvic floor internal and external assessments, as well as develop manual treatment techniques for pelvic rehab therapists (OT/PT).

This course is for you if:

  1. You are new to pelvic health or are looking to get started.
  2. You are a practicing pelvic health therapist looking for review and to further build your manual skills.

Listen to what OTs in the field have to say after taking Laura and Lindsey’s OT Pelvic Floor Courses.

Please note: Limited space available to maintain an intimate learning experience supporting COVID-19 safety regulations.

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